Welcome to a list of ongoing projects that are full of heart and whimsy and gutsy passion for change.  Feel free to take what resonates and leave the rest.  Join in the conversations, movements, adventures.  Support the endeavours.  Inspire to Be.



1. Cocktails with Chickens, 2018*

A year long journey of conversations, connections and community.  Welcome to the delightfully fun world of girlfriend therapy! 

Cocktails With Chickens is a celebratory book that explores the wide range of groups, gatherings, businesses and organizations that are For Women.  As a Transformation Guru living in rural Southern Ontario, Heather has dedicated 2018 to the immersion of women-only environments.  With her sights set on capturing the essence of these dynamics to celebrate and share with all, she joins the wave that Dalai Lama voiced into motion in 2009: "Western women will save the world".  

The more we share, the more we create the world we want to see; and sharing is a woman's specialty. 

Delving into the dynamics of women.  Groups of women! Loads of women!!  Womens Weekend, Girls Retreats, Bitch-n'-Stitch, Bitch-n'-Switch, Bible Studies, Girls Nights, Best Friends, Soul Sisters, Paradigm Shift Sisters, Sororities, Bare-Foot Ecstatic Dance Parties...with maybe a cocktail or two in hand.  From alcoholic to nonalcoholic, terribly good for you to terribly bad for you a cocktail is a cocktail is a cocktail...or is it?

Will it be a brooding mess of matriarchy chaos?  A good ol' fashioned hen party? Or the best kind of conversations Canada's finest chicks are having.  Join in and stay tuned as the journey unfolds. 

Research on the group dynamics of females is currently on the go! It's the best kind of research to be a part of - Interested!?!

Heather is looking for groups of women in the surrounding GTA (General Toronto Area) who are open to having her attend one of their gatherings as part of this research collection for Cocktails with Chickens.  Diversity and authenticity are sought to reflect the varying communities within southern Ontario.  Focus is on the conversations women are having, the visions they have for the future, the topics that are relevant to them and the experience of being part of the group.   

If you are part of a gathering of women who would like to participate in the explorations - FABULOUS!!! - Bookings are actively taking place now until November 3, 2018.  It's a rush-rush let's do this thing!!    (The hypothesis backing this...will be shared at the end of the get together)

How it works:

Contact Heather at with the subject line RESEARCH.  In your email, let Heather know what kind of group you are, when you get together with upcoming dates, and where you're located.  

Once a date has been set you can look forward to Heather's arrival with the promise of a cocktail in hand.  On the day of, cocktails of choice will be made (consider it a solute to the group, a cheers to good health and a toast to all women), consent forms will be signed, a brief questionnaire will be individually completed and then we get into scratching the dirt of real conversations.  Every group has value.  Every woman has worth.  Every measure will be made to highlight and celebrate these two truths.

Look forward to the book Cocktails with Chickens, early 2019.

*donations are being accepted to birth this project


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2. Celebrating a Canadian Caucus

An exciting project that celebrates the kind of Canadian men we want to see more of in our world.  

 Heather is on a mission to reveal a side of men rarely seen.  More importantly, this is a project of finding rare men and celebrating them.

Get ready for a coffee table book that explores a focus on symbolic male power, celebrates men who are leading the way to a better world and enjoys the visually aesthetic potential of patriarchs potency.

Are you a Man?  Canadian?  A believer in the rise of the feminine?  Compassionate?  Encouraging?  Empowering?  Inclusive?  Free from a history of having abused another?  Open? Optimistic?....these are a few of the traits we want to see more of in the men we know.  If you are that kind of man, we want to celebrate you in the most questionable way...but with pure joy and delight that you are a man!

Contact Heather @ with the subject line of CANADIAN CAUCUS if interested.

A growing community of women who are shining their light and contributing to the change they want to see in our world. 

Creative collaborations, supportive sisterhoods, nurturing nature and healthy living all flow from the heart and if home is where the heart is then our home planet is in desperate need of vibrant hearts.  Mass media today is creating a vision of reality that robs the average citizen of hope, optimism and power.  Every day is filled with stories of horror, betrayal and abuse.  The voices of authority tell us that this is what we want to hear, this is what sells.  Youth are living with anxiety and depression as normal states of existence and humanity seems doomed. 

Paradigm Shift Sisters are women who offer complimentary voices of authority: their own.  A paradigm is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field - including the field we call "reality".  A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.  They say if you don't like your reality, change it.  That is exactly what paradigm shift sisters are doing.

Uniting with the purpose to empower the feminine voices that have been repressed by patriarchal governance for millennia, these women celebrate the feminine; Celebrate Life.  Reclaiming joy and love and inspiration that feeds the intangible essence of existence, and giving these elements of our identities a place to flourish is why these women gather.  Nurturing creative energies that offer a more cohesive worldview of human potential, these are the women who are birthing a future of inclusion.

Sounds like something you want in your life?  Contact Heather @ with the subject line PSS to start a conversation.


3. Paradigm Shift Sisters