Dear Men,

Actually, this is for everyone.

I shared this picture on my fb wall during International Women's Day with the post "Women Empowering Women @empower one"

A male friend of mine sent me the following inbox message:
"Saw your post 'women empowering' should be 'people empowering people' as long as people make a distinction there will be one. No need to reply, just my big bitch equality means equal"

I admit my first reaction was visceral.

But visceral has only served me when I've needed to physically fight for life and I was grateful to immediately move past it and respond as such:
"I hear you big guy and I agree; however, each group that has not stepped into their own authority because of whatever reason(s) first needs to be supported by their kind to move into their own. It's the same thing as self love: if you don't have love and compassion for yourself, how can you give it to anyone else?"

I'm sharing this here because the shifts that are taking place are real and will be best supported when we hold space for each other to speak our truths wherever we are on our journey. First, hold space for your own truths. Truths evolve as we evolve and the more we speak from the heart, the more we will see that reflected in others.

Eventually we will step into people empowering people completely; right now, we're moving in that direction.





PHOTO: Leaders of Women's Wellness Circles at Empower One, an International Women's Day celebration

Heather Hurst