Fault Lines

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Can we ever reconnect as closely, once we have been hurt.


Oceans and canyons and valleys divide.

These vast impressions on Earth reflect more than times passing.

- These partitions and separations of soil -


These spaces where once there were none.


.Continents Shifting.


I long for Pangaea


. . .I long for Pangaea. . .


I long for Pangaea


Together, attached, close and connected

Solid, united, one and the same

The land, the soil, the richness of Earth;

Revealed to the Sun, Upheld to the Stars, Exposed to our Feet, Known by our Hands.


Ancient home, Who broke you?

Who caused these faults to find us?

Did you know it was bound to be?

Did you know beneath the binding those lines would be released?

Bound to cross the fault lines.

Bound, to be bound no more.


Released – Torn – Ripped Apart.

Scattered, Shattered, Shorn.



Pangaea, where did you go?

What happened to you.





I broke in many places.

It is true, I broke apart.

The faults beneath my surface,

I could not mend; I had no heart.

I broke, my child, because I hurt.

My pain brought separation.  

I broke inside and fell apart

And lost my One Great Nation.


But dearest One who longs for me,

I am still here beneath you.

These canyons you see are history,

Those oceans are a lesson,

The valleys reveal, in time, to be

A place where pain will lessen.


It is not me or who or what, that brings about the answers.

My child it is the why in you,

That do.


It is the why.


The why will bring you home again

And give to me a heart.

The why will bring about the bond

That seals where we’re apart.


Leave alone the faults

Do not mind the lines

They have their cause, their affects and time,

And so do mending tides.

So does molten lava.

So do you.

So do I.

Heather Hurst