Falling In Love Every Day

On Friday I fell in love with Dr. Vandana Shiva, On Saturday I fell in love with investing my son's long-term savings for him, Sunday it was the stained glass crosses I finished for my parents church and on Monday it was the contents on page 12 of Canadian Living's March edition.  On Tuesday I fell in love again with the women in my Paradigm Shift Sisters group and on Wednesday I fell in love with the shirt that one of those Sisters had given me the day before.

Recently I was working in the studio on one of the stained glass projects and listening to one of my liked playlists from 8tracks when one line in a song stood out.  The song was Sun by Sleeping at Last, and the specific line was: 

That we may fall in loveEvery time we open up our eyes

I have realized that Inspiration and Appreciation - falling in love - are available to us every day.  The key to tapping into this energy is our attention and the key to unlocking our attention to experience these feelings is our intention.  The secret to make this work is: Being Open. 

Oh, and Effort.  And sometimes Struggle.  Maybe even blisters.  Or tragedy.

Depending on where you are in your inner world, the journey to a daily connection with the grandest of sensations may be a Camino de Santiago

When we intentionally allow ourselves to be open to receive love and we pay attention to - witness - the things that catch our attention, then it's time to consciously decide "Is this what I want to spend my energy on?" or "Does this fuel me?" or "How does this serve me?".  It's kinda like having a conversation with yourself (welcome to crazy) and even noticing what tone that conversation has.  Sometimes I've had to repeat an (oh dear god don't say affirmation!) affirmation (you're welcome) to keep redirecting my attention towards what I want more of in my life.  

Here's an example.

"I choose to learn with Joy"

I grew up experiencing complex trauma and I found myself wearing a lens on my perspective of life that could be summed up as a shade of "I learn thru tragedy".  As I stepped into my adult life I found myself time and again experiencing a great deal of drama.  It was what I was use to.  My nervous system expected it.  My thought patterns...well, that's a black hole I'm not going to get into right now...let's just say they weren't friendly.  I was not experiencing a great deal of inspiration and appreciation.  I wanted to!  I just didn't know how, how to get there and how to stay there as a new normal.  The affirmation "I choose to learn with Joy" was a conscious refocusing of my attention, an intention to be open to the experience of joy, to seek joy, make joy, be joy.

I used that joy affirmation for months and I still have it in my repertoire, my tool box, my life kit to use when I notice the lens I'm viewing life thru may be a little darker than I want it to be.

There's a lot I haven't said here and there's a shit-tonne more that can be said.  This is just a snippet.  Just a little sharing.  The bottom line is:

On this journey I've learned one major thing: when you consciously step into your life, trust the universe to support you and it will. 


Heather Hurst