What truth are you feeding?

I do the Pinterest thing.  I'm guilty to those who judge.  A guilty pleasure?  More like; a mock obligated confession to the authority of "shoulds", a shout out to the other Pinners (who know how addictive it can be) and a link to the impulse of this blog post.

While taking a lunch break today I sat down contently with my convenient iPad and opened up the home page of Pinterest.  The page where tech savvy entities have paid attention to my clicks and pins and boards and have now offer me a world of suggestions that I just may Love.

"Open your book of life only to a few people.  Because in this world very few care to understand the chapters, others are just curious to know."


I do love quotes.  I love quotes because I love words, because I love language because it's freakin communication and expression and information and revelation and wOw!  But I didn't love this quote.

There's a lot that can be gleaned from it; from the perspective of the person making the statement, to an imagined audience in need of hearing this advice and even to a suggestion of the pulse of humanity.  

But I don't buy it.  

I see it -  I just refuse to buy it.  This kind of quote-suggested-reality doesn't serve well as a black and white statement.  It's limiting, discouraging and inaccurate on it's own.

While it is important to practice discretion and to grow in your understanding of who is part of your support system and who isn't, telling the world to hole up their intimate connections because no body cares is, well...heartbreaking and inhumane.

The heartbreaking part is the truth that it reveals.  That people can suck and hurt you and not care, and that it's not easy to amass a large number people who genuinely care about you and have time and energy to be there for you - to have your back.

The inhumane aspect is feeding that truth.

Instead of shining light on the blessings of intimate connections, this quote aims to blind your heart-life with the darkness of suffering.  Maybe that's a little extreme in response to a quote that could be called a warning, but I'm tired of people complaining without spending as much time and energy investing in our human potential.

How would I like to see this quote re-birthed?

Something like this: 

"Your book of life may not be a book for everyone; but for those who care about you and for those you care about back, it is one of the best books you could ever share."

Heather Hurst