Heather Hurst

Heather Hurst

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Thriving isn't about being Perfect.  Thriving is about Finding Yourself.  and doing what You Love.

Advocacy for the Prevention of Abuse and Championing Human Potential are at the Heart of Heather's Life Mission.  Whether it's researching Women's-only Gatherings, Celebrating the Men we want to see more of, Speaking to Empower, Writing books to uplift or creating Paradigm Shift Projects - Advocacy and Championing are there. 

"I need at least 5 lifetimes to do everything I want to do; but since I haven't figured out how to clone myself and there are no promises of anything other than this moment, I'll take what I can get.  Here's the thing: I do what I do, because I love what I do.  I also do what I do because my foundational years where challenged by circumstances beyond my control, my understanding and to a point, beyond my endurance - and that has placed a fire within that only action can quell.  I am not a business person and for me this isn't about business, this is about humanity.  I believe that the world is a direct result of all our thoughts and actions, and together we can be better than we've ever allowed ourselves to be."

                                                                                                                                   -Heather Hurst

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There have been too many requests for an inclusion of the creative work Heather does to resist any longer.  Wherever you sit on the spectrum of the Work-Life Balance, there is a key element of Creativity that shouldn't be overlooked.  Creativity comes in all flavours and colours and has the power to transform, transcend and transmute the mundane.  Some say access to the Divine is achieved thru creativity.

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Amidst her pursuits and advocacy work, it's important to note that Heather is just an average citizen of humanity.  She sweats, bleeds and...cleans toilet bowls...just like everyone else.  Well, okay.  Maybe she's a little more anal in that department.  What isn't surprising is that the act of cleaning a home is a tangible expression of the intangible work she does.  Cleaning homes for a precious few is Heather's personal workout/meditation/breakfast, lunch & dinner way to pay the bills.  For now.